Warehouse services


Company IntopexTransit OÜ offers the following services in the warehousing area:

Customs storage

At your disposal there is a modern warehouse, featuring the state-of-the-art equipment and matching all latest requirements. Using such warehouse provides some extra benefits. Cargo in customs storage is stored in safe conditions under customs surveillance until the next customs procedure. Our warehouse is equipped with the improved system of security.

Services of the free customs warehouse

We provide service of the free customs warehouse for storage of goods with the European status.

Loading-unloading works

An experienced team of the warehouse workers will perform quality loading or unloading of your cargo, using the new state-of-the-art warehouse equipment.

Issuance of customs and shipping documents

You may trust all obligatory formalities, including customs clearing, declaration of goods, etc., to our experienced specialists. Your documents will be in apple-pie order!

Consolidation of goods by a client’s request

We will gladly take on such costly and time-consuming operations as cargo sorting, packaging, formation, weighing and other corresponding jobs. Consolidation of goods, i.e. consolidation of cargo shipped by different clients as part of one vehicle consignment, allows you to save time and money.

Booking of goods in stock

The latest system of warehouse management system WMS, used in our company, allows you to get detailed information about your cargo stored in the warehouse any time you like in real-time mode.

Goods insurance

If you would like to be fully untroubled about your cargo, we could offer a service of goods insurance in stock and in transit. Scope of coverage includes the following risks:

  • - fire (lightning, lightning strike, explosion);
  • - accident (flooding with water from water supply and sewerage networks, heating and fire-fighting systems as a result of accident; run over by vehicles, crashing of manned flying objects);
  • - natural hazards (flooding, hurricane, earthquake, seismic sea, soil subsidence, storm, rainstorm, hail, landslide, earth fall, mud flow, exposure to ground water, flood);
  • - unlawful acts of third parties (theft, robbery, intentional destruction or damage to property, unintentional destruction or damage to property, hooliganism, vandalism, terrorism, etc.).

Transit guarantees

Company IntopexTransit OÜ offers a service of issuing transit declaration that is required as a guarantee for customs when forwarding cargo from point А to point Б..

Forwarding cargo to warehouse from anywhere globally

Considerable experience in the sphere of logistics and transport allows our specialists to design an optimal route and plan forwarding your cargo from anywhere globally. Cargo is forwarded by different means of transport as soon as reasonably possible.

Warehouse space lease

The company’s new warehouse complex provides the modern areas fitted with the first-rate professional equipment. Contact our specialists if you need any information about the conditions of either long-term or short-term lease.