Transport services

Company IntopexTransit OÜ offers the following services in the area of transport services:

Cargo carriage

IntopexTransit OÜ carries out international, domestic and multimodal cargo carriage on favourable terms and in line with all modern requirement and conditions.Container carriage means transportation of goods using standard modular containers:

  • Standart Dry Container (dry container)
  • Refrigerated Container (рефконтейнер, refrigerated container)
  • Open Top Container, Hard Top Container (open top container, hard top container)
  • Flat Rack- (flat rack)
  • Tank Container (tankcontainer)
  • Thermally Insulated Container (изолированный контейнер, герметичный контейнер)
  • Bulk Container (контейнер для сыпучих грузов, bulk container)
  • Ventilated container (ventilated container)

Container cargo carriage has gained popularity due to the high level of cargo preservation. Cargo is placed inside a container, closed and sealed in the presence of a client. Opening of the container is done — at the destination point.Container carriage provides transportation of various goods that can be conveniently placed inside a corresponding container. Container carriage stands out as a specific type of carriage which is considered to be optimal by many clients, including those who order the international container carriage.

Consolidated goods

Shipment of consolidated small freight or shipment of a small batch helps to reduce costs. We may also offer services of goods consolidation and packaging.

Cargo delivery

We deliver cargo on a continual basis from China, Turkey, Italy, Germany, Poland, Holland, Sweden, Finland, France, Czech Republic, Spain and other countries. Cargo is delivered by rail, marine vessels, motor-vehicles and by air.


In addition to cargo delivery services by different means of transport we offer customs clearance services. Ordering a package of services from a single firm will certainly save your time and money. The considerable experience of Intopex holding company guarantees the reliable successful desired results.